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Generate Students' Reports

Teachers do not need to work themselves out again trying to computes students' scores; We give you a website smart enought to do that read more...

Generate Teachers' Spreadsheet

While generating your students' results, teachers' end-of-term spreadsheet are not left-out, Your website also takes tedious work of generating teachers' spreadsheet of their table read more...

Generate Your PINs

We also give you the ability to generate PINs for your students to check their results by yourself from your website read more...

Manage Payments

Your website should be able to keep a clean record of all payments made by students and all staff salary payments made by the school read more...

Generate E-Receipts

Generate printable custom e-receipts for any payment made into the school on the fly and make reference to them at any time read more...

Generate Students' ID Card

Generate printable custom students' ID Card at runtime

Send Custom Bulk SMS's and Emails

You also have the privilege to send customizable bulk SMS's and emails (with your chosen header) from your website at any time read more...

Financial Account Management

Get a clean record of all your financial transactions made within your specified period read more...

Own a Dynamic Website

All these packages have been put into a dynamic, responsive and user-friendly school website meant for you, with free frequent update from us read more...

User-Friendly Control Panel

We also give you a user-friendly control panel from which you can manage the all activities that goes on, in your site read more...

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