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Generate Students' Reports

generate students' result smartly with very easily at almost free cost
It is usuall to have teachers teach, give assignments, score, record and compute results.

This routine has never been fun for anyone in the teaching-learning process, as it is tasking, stressful and error-prone and after all these task (which usally ends up with a correction fluids on students' report sheet), the teacher is still faced with the task of preparing for every class session and delivering excellence.

One of the main component of your school website is to withdraw this task from the teacher and do an efficient replacement of what the teacher would have done in computing his students' results. Allowing the teacher to concentrate on the work he was meant to do; ensuring his learners gains mastery of any subject of concern

All that is required of the teacher is to provide the score of his students. The machine does the arduous task of grading, positioning, storing and presenting the students work at the very instant it was provided with the students score

Compiled result should feature the following

  • Student's class position
  • Student's subjects' positions
  • Student's grand total score
  • Student's subject's total score
  • Student's grand average in percent
  • Student's class attendance
  • Student's teacher and head teachers' comment

Generate Teachers' Spreadsheet

generate your teacher spreadsheet smartly at an almost free cost N5000 only

The teacher's spreadsheet is generated simultaneously as the students' results. The machine does all that work for you at the very instant it is given the students' scores.

There couldn't be any reason why a school should resort to the "old way" of doing this especially now that you know you can achieve this purpose fastly, correctly and at an almost-no-cost.

The spreadsheet you get contains

  • A list of all students in a given class (defined by the class name, session, and term )
  • Subject mark of each student in the class
  • Subject position of each student in the class
  • Subject grade of each student in the class
  • Total score of each student in the class
  • Class position of each student in the class

Generate your own PINs

This is another place where we have a giant stride against our competitors, not only are we giving you all our packages at a very affordable price, we do not resort into any "funny" way to get back at you, we give you the ability to generate your own PINs by your self
Though because of abuse of this very privilege, we have placed some restriction on the number of PINs you ca generate, for the sake of order, but the limit shouldn't affect you if you fall within our definition of threshold. You may reach the help channel for more information on this
The PIN you will be generating will be used by your students' to check their result. You have no restriction on what you decide to do with these PINs you generate.
our support team will call you in minutes to help you set up your school website. We give you website for just N5000

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